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The Muslim Challenge: 4-Part Audio Series

The Muslim Challenge: 4-Part Audio Series

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We are trekking back through time to ancient Arabia. Caravans of camels crisscross one million square miles of sand and rock. Worship of the moon, sun, planets, and other divinities is rampant. Christianity is in state of moral decay and doctrinal chaos. The year is 610 AD.

Mohammed, convinced the angel Gabriel has a message for him, pays attention, begins preaching, and in time a band of men has gathered around. In a mere century, the empire reaches from Spain to India, and it is growing.

Fast forward 1400 years. Muslims (literally, those who submit to Allah), no longer confined to the sands and rocks of Arabia, are not small, either. They have become the second largest religious movement in the world?

This is the story of Islam, its sacred book, and the challenges confronting every one of us as we take this major world religion seriously.

Four Audio lessons. Resources for further study are included. A complete copy of the Qur'an (pdf) is also with the series.

  1. History - The Story of Islam
  2. Scripture - The Qur'an
  3. Violence - Jihad and Terrorism
  4. Connections - Bridge Building & Faith Sharing
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