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Science and Faith: Enemies or Allies? (10 Lesson Video Series)

Science and Faith: Enemies or Allies? (10 Lesson Video Series)

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The Bible tells us that God's will is revealed in two "books." The first is God's book of works, nature itself (Psalm 19:1-6). Through general revelation, God reveals himself to all mankind. God does not mislead, and you may be surprised by some of the facts of his book of works. The second book is God's book of words, Scripture (Psalm 19:7-11). Science attempts to understand nature-the first book. Theology tackles the second book. Then why have so many found tension between science and faith? Are the Big Bang and the Theory of Evolution the enemies of faith? Does the Bible tells us how old the world is, or commit us to one scientific theory or another?

As we will see in this series, contradictions between faith and science suggest someone has misread one of God's books. Sadly, most scientists no longer study theology, and often Bible teachers are outsiders to science. Through the history of the church, unscientific positions have been dogmatically held, supposedly because biblical faith required them.

Everyone makes mistakes, and humility is the order of the day. To paraphrase one thinker: ""Let no man or woman, out of conceit or laziness, think or believe that anyone can search too far or be too well informed in the Book of God's Words or in the Book of God's Works: religion or science. Instead, let everyone endlessly improve the understanding of both.‚- (Francis Bacon, 1605)

Are you ready to have your thinking challenged?

I. God's Two Books: Nature & Scripture
2. Believers in Science

3. Unnecessary Battles:
Shape of Earth, Orbit of Earth
4. Accommodative Language
5. The Age of the Earth

6. Big Bang
7. Evolution

8. Avoiding False Issues
9. The Importance of Humility
10. Confident Proclamation

Ten Video Lessons by Dr. Jacoby.

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