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Principle Centered Parenting in a Non-Christian World

Principle Centered Parenting in a Non-Christian World

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Whether you live in Europe or Africa, Australia or Asia or the Americas, God's word transcends culture to address your family situation. Following biblical teachings will not look the same in every family in every society, precisely because they are biblical‚ not Western or American or even modern.

With this in mind, Douglas and Vicki continually distinguish between truly biblical principles‚ which are absolute and unchanging, and practicals‚ which are local and cultural. In Principle-Centered Parenting they challenge our thinking:
  • If I'm a good parent, does that guarantee my children will become Christians (the often misinterpreted Proverbs 22:6)? How much is my responsibility as a parent, and how much is their own?
  • Why is training crucial, and how does it differ from discipline?
  • As a father, how can I stop work from coming before family? As a mother, how can I balance it all?
  • How can we help our kids to get along with each other?
  • How can we keep the world out of our home, especially with the distractions of television and media?
  • Why are family mealtimes among the most important things parents can do?
  • What about adoption? Single parenting? The "age of accountability"?...
  • and much more.


The revised Book was originally entitled The Quiver.

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