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Mormonism - History, Beliefs, Growth

Mormonism - History, Beliefs, Growth

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What is the history of this group that according to its own statistics, has grown from 1 million in 1957 to 14.5 million today? What are their beliefs? Where are they coming from, and why has the group experienced such astounding growth and success, against formidable odds?

  • This Book addresses all of these questions in detail. In addition you will examine:
  • The early and controversial life of Joseph Smith
  • Joseph Smith and the origins of the Book of Mormon
  • Early leaders and witnesses in the Mormon faith
  • The moves to Kirtland, Ohio; Far West, Missouri and Nauvoo, Illinois
  • Circumstances surrounding the assassination of Hyrum and Joseph Smith
  • The history, ascendancy and leadership of Brigham Young
  • The journey of the Mormons to the Great Salt Lake Valley
  • What does the Book of Mormon teach?
  • What do Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price teach?
  • Are Mormonism and Christianity compatible?
  • How to effectively share the gospel with Mormons
  • ...and much more
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Customer Reviews

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Jim Smith
This is crazy

I wanted to learn more about the Mormon beliefs when a family moved onto my street. It is a complicated topic that was given a fair and enlightening treatment. I was happy to learn the historical background of the founder of this belief system. I was also glad to learn the way that many who hold this system of beliefs respond when they are presented with alternative views. It was also refreshing to have the author present the positive accomplishments of the the group that holds these beliefs.

William Tyler Herrington
Very Helpful

I am thankful for the research and honesty. This is a truthful, helpful, and well prepared book.

Louis G.

Very insightful, well organized book!