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Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come

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The Kingdom of God: Some teach that it did not exist before Pentecost, others that it will come only at the end of time. Yet the Scriptures portray the Kingdom as always present. After all, the Lord is the King, and how can one be a king without a kingdom?
What does the Bible say? How does God's Kingdom differ from earthly empires? How are we to regard the Old Testament prophecies predicting the arrival of the King (and his Kingdom) in the first century? If Jesus is Lord (our King), what does he expect of his obedient subjects? And can Christians pray "Thy Kingdom Come" with integrity?

Dr. Jacoby guides us through the intricacies of this vital subject in a manner that is both illuminating and inspiring. Lesson notes are included with download.

1. The Kingdom of God and the Kingdoms of Men
2. Prophecies of the King
3. The Life of the King and the Will of the King
4. "Thy Kingdom Come": Already But Not Yet!

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