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From Facts to Faith 2 - More Evidences

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From Facts to Faith, Volume II, includes lessons on evidences that will be useful for non-believers, Christians with questions of a scientific or academic nature, students with questions about the life of Jesus, and anyone who wants to be better equipped to share their faith.

In 1 Peter 3:15, the apostle Peter reminds us to not only make sure Christ is Lord in our hearts, but also be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks for the reasons for the hope we have. These lectures, which build on the four lessons in Volume I, will help further that aim. These messages will help you answer some of the most challenging questions related to the Christian faith.

The Four lessons are:

5. Does God Exist?
6. Jesus: Legend, Liar, Lunatic or Lord?
7. Miracles of Jesus
8. The Resurrection

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Colby S.

I like Douglas' approach to learning. He does a good job of explaining the abstractions in the bible.