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Exodus: Night of Redemption

Exodus: Night of Redemption

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Exodus is central to grasping the message of the Old Testament, just as the Old Testament is central to grasping the message of the entire Bible. The Jews rightly looked back at Exodus in a similar way to how Christians look at the Gospels and Acts: it tells of the time when God redeemed his people. Their move from slavery to freedom foreshadows our transition, as Christians, from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light (Colossians 1:13-14; John 8:31-34).

The book of Exodus contains three clear transitions. The first is from slavery to liberation (1:1‚ 15:21). The second transition moved God's people from their Egyptian escape to Sinai, where he gave them his law (15:22‚ 24:18). And the third is from Sinai to the tabernacle, where God appeared to all Israel (25:1‚ 40:38). You'll learn applicable lessons from each phase of their journey.

Exodus: Night of Redemption is offered as a book in paperback, ePub, and Kindle forms, and also as an audio class (mp3 download) consisting of 10 lessons with a downloadable outline. Those lessons are:

1. Four Things Yahweh Gave Israel
2. Moses
3. Plagues
4. Passover
5. Exodus
6. Law
7. Applying the Law Today
8. Slavery
9. Holy Days of Judaism
10. Ten Temples

158 pages

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Geordan Bennie
Fresh perspective

This book gives a fresh perspective on a Biblical classic! It is concise and encourages deeper Bible study and personal spiritual growth.