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Escape (Addiction) - Douglas Jacoby & Steven Brand

Escape (Addiction) - Douglas Jacoby & Steven Brand

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Exploring the psychology of pain, escape and addiction and how to overcome the corruption of the world.

Escape Addiction:

  • Lesson 1: The psychology of pain, escape and addiction (marijuana, pain medicine and alcohol).
  • Lesson 2: Alternate fictional realities (movies, novels, gaming, television).
  • Lesson 3: Fantasy proxy relationships (internet pornography).
  • Lesson 4: Computer and internet behaviors.

Steven Brand, LCSW, ACSW, MSW/MPH, has been a disciple for almost 40 years; has been married to his dynamic wife, Teryl, for over 31 years; and works in private practice as a professional Biblical counselor in Cambridge, MA, (1996-1998) and Roswell, GA (1998-Present). He has seen over 25,000 therapeutic hours with clients, helping people heal, stretch and grow. Steve conducts mental health workshops in churches around the country, helping Christians to be more aware mental health issues.

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