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Chariots of Fire: The Radical Life of Elijah

Chariots of Fire: The Radical Life of Elijah

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The prophet Elijah is one of the most dynamic figures in the Bible and was a pivotal link between the Old and New Testaments. As the Scriptures state, Elijah was a man like us, so he had his share of failures, but he also rose above the deteriorating climate of his culture and called people back to God.

We can learn from Elijah and make a difference in our own culture. In Chariots of Fire: The Radical Life of Elijah, Dr. Jacoby draws from the powerful for story of Elijah the prophet to address the following topics and more:

  • The difference between true and false prophets
  • The importance of calling people back to God
  • How to resist the lure of the world, its temptations, false hopes, and empty promises
  • How to fight materialism and allegiance to the government above devotion to God
  • The need to care for the underprivileged, the marginalized, the poor, and the orphans
  • The necessity of taking a stand against sin and false teaching
  • Positive steps to fight depression and hopelessness
  • The nature and purpose of miracles in Elijah's ministry
  • Practicals on mentoring and training others for service to God
  • How Elijah serves as a bridge between the Old and New Testaments

The book version is available here in 3 forms: paperback, ePub (for Apple and Android devices), Kindle, and an audio class (mp3 download)


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Jose R.

Love the story of Elijah, and this work from our brother in Christ Dr. Douglas Jacoby does an amazing job, bringing it to life. You will draw closer to God and be revived spiritually and renewed in your faith.