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Amen: Collected Prayers and Hymns for the Journey

Amen: Collected Prayers and Hymns for the Journey

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Some of us were brought up with written prayers, and we take comfort in them. When coming before the Lord, we may not be sure what to say - especially true for new believers. The words of others can impart confidence and structure, whether we speak their prayers verbatim or only begin with these words and expand as we pray.

One of the greatest reasons for written or memorized prayers is their ubiquitous presence in the Bible—for example, the Psalms or the Lord’s Prayer. In Scripture we find not only structured prayers, but also structured times (hours of prayer, days of fasting, annual festivals). Intentional times keep us aware of His presence throughout the day.

Amen: Collected Prayers and Hymns for the Journey offers a wide selection: formal and informal, ancient and modern, historic Christian prayers, prayers in Scripture, intercession, and numerous hymn-prayers.

This handsome leather-bound prayer book is smyth-sewn for endurance, with a cloth ribbon to mark your place.  The handy size fits in your pocket or purse; take it with you wherever you go.

180 pages

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Customer Reviews

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Pam Dean

A friend gave me this collection of prayers for my birthday and I love it! I have been a Christian for 33 years but the way I connect to God is through His Word so this book has been wonderful to help me grow in connecting through prayer. So many of the prayers are beautiful and I could have never expressed myself as the writers but I have begun to take some of them and use them as a springboard to make them my own prayers. I am so grateful as I could have never collected the various prayers and put them in an usable form such as this. It really is amazing! I have sent one to a friend as well as showed it to my sister and she was so excited as she has been looking for a book like this. Thank you so much for this incredible compilation! I highly, highly recommend it!

I'm so happy that the collection meets your needs. Of course I excluded far more prayers than I included, to keep the volume compact. To know the blend was pleasing and edifying is encouraging to me. Thx. DJ

Claudye James
Amen! perfect title

I love this little book of prayers, I take it with me everywhere! I was so surprised to find a prayer titled "Patrick's prayer" without hesitation, I took a picture of it and text it to my son, you see, my son's name is Patrick, and he text me right away and said that's exactly what kind of prayer he needed at that moment. I told him to learn it by heart, and make it his own. It is the first thing that I read in the morning, before my quiet time, and the last thing before I go to sleep, and throughout the day. Very convenient, I do like it a lot!

Deb Furlong
Powerful little book

This has given my prayer time a boost I highly recommend it for a change of pace and grateful for these prayers that give me the language to express my heart and soul. Well Done!

Joselin R.

This is my first written prayer book and I like it a lot. It is very inspiring. It is the perfect size to carry around and it's well made.

Thanks! So happy you like it. I was hoping it would be sturdy and easy to carry, not bulky.

Douglas Shafer
AMEN. Collected Prayers and Hymns

I admit I’ve used other people’s written prayers (and hymns) often during my 30-year Christian journey. Many, many people have walked with God before me, experiencing my troubles and sufferings and joys, but also many I have not, nor will ever experience. Whether it be Bonhoeffer, Tozer, Spurgeon, Kempis, Augustine or the Psalmist, there are so many godly perspectives and devoted hearts to learn from, to be inspired by; to help me speak to (and with?) my Father more clearly, with increasing trust and love.
I appreciate that the prayers/hymns are organized by theme (e.g., “Security and Guidance”, “Aging and Death”, “Intercession”). Candidly, I was put off at first by the price. But the book size, roughly 4 inches by 6 inches, fits easily into a carry bag (or purse), and even my jeans back pocket. And important to me, it will wear well (last longer); it is leather bound, with a binding that is smyth-sewn rather than glued.
I highly recommend it!

Your review is much appreciated. I only started using other people's prayers (apart from Psalms) about 15 years ago. But the older I get, the more helpful... :-)