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What Happens After We Die? Biblical Insights

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What happens after we die? Few questions are more universal than this. No matter our religion, culture, or social status, no one is indifferent about death.

Many have pondered what happens the instant we die, whether there is a second chance for those who did not already turn to the Lord, and if we become angels or ghosts. Do we go down a tunnel of light? Are people conscious of what happens between death and Judgment Day, or does our soul simply go to sleep? Do we go straight to heaven, and can we keep an eye on our friends and family who still on earth?

The book is offered in 3 forms: paperback, ePub (for Apple and Android devices), and Kindle. There's also an MP3 audio class with lesson notes. Both the book and class address these topics and more:

  • What the early Christians believed about life after death
  • Why most Christians expect heaven, even before Christ has returned
  • What Hades is and who goes there
  • What the Bibles teaches about eternal punishment
  • Heaven, Hell, Hauntings & Everything Else

While there are certainly many things about the afterlife that we cannot know for sure, What Happens After We Die? will at least lay out in a clear and digestible fashion what the Bible does and does not say on this topic.


143 pages

Customer Reviews

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Answering the most important question for everyone

So far I have read this book twice, the first time mostly for information and the second time to ponder and absorb the concepts in the scriptures. My American culture doesn't encourage or often allow us to think about the implications of death so I found it refreshing to take this question head on. If I believe that God has a heaven prepared, and I do, then I also want a clear understanding of how to get there. My husband and I are in our retirement years, we taken steps and made preparations to get to this point financially. I feel like Douglas has helped in the same way to prepare my mind and heart for my spiritual future.

Katharina P.

Easy to understand! One of the best I've read.

Richie B.

Eye opening, enlightening, and encouraging. A must read!