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NT Leadership: Preachers, Elders, Teachers, and Servants

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What does the new Testament teach about church leadership? Who's in charge? Learn what the Bible says about evangelists, elders, teachers, and deacons. This four-part study also takes a look at church autonomy, authority, discipling, and effective teamwork.


1. Essentials (the heart of leadership, teamwork, scriptural study)
2. Elders (shepherds of the flock, directors of the affairs of the church)
3. Evangelists (church planters and local preachers; elders & evangelists: complementary ministries)
4. Etc. (Deacons, teachers, women's leaders, apostles and prophets, autonomy, discipling, authority, and resources for further study)
Teaching notes for all four lessons may be found in word and pdf format.

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Geordan Bennie
Spiritual leadership

This series clearly lays out Biblical leadership roles, but most importantly, it provides clear Biblical teaching on healthy, spiritual leadership.