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Anchored or Drifting? Life without Compromise

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Scripture compares our spiritual lives to a ship on the sea. Rather than being "blown and tossed by the waves" (Ephesians 4) or "drifting away" (Hebrews 2), we need an anchor (Hebrews 6).

How can we be anchored for life, so that we remain faithful and consistent to the very end? We must learn to think differently about God's Word. For example, not all principles and commands are equally important. Some things are not as black and white as we might think (or prefer). And yet God has drawn a number of very clear lines. How can we distinguish what is absolutely essential from everything else? These lessons should help, by stimulating reflection, revealing the depth and texture of the Bible, and calling us to remain faithful, without compromise.

There is no need to drift away. Faith need not fall. We can be anchored for life.

4 Lessons:
  • Lesson 1: Hitting the Bullseye
  • Lesson 2: Salvation: One Way?
  • Lesson 3: Test Everything
  • Lesson 4: Already, But Not Yet

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Colby Soule
My 2nd Favorite

This audio is awesome, I love how Douglas uses the rings of a bullseye to explain the importance of scripture. Every section is filled with details that will both astonish and enlighten. One of my favorites. The listen will ANCHOR you in your faith and keep you coming back for more.